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Demetria Herrera

The collegiate program at Franklin D. Roosevelt is a program that provides apportunitys to the students in the program. The colligiate has 3 pathways; thieir's the health science pathway wich is the one of the main pathways students decide to take.Then theirs a Business pathway that student decide to take if their goal is to achieve to own a busniness in the future.Then last but not least, thiers the Information Technology pathway,that students takes if their future has to do with technology. For example knowing how to make a spread sheet or excel; or even knowing how to code.The colliagiate program offers opportunitys to students who are interested in taking up the challenge of being a colligiate schollar mustang at Roosevelt highschool.The clases are not always simple but its worth the learning expereince.

The ftp process is a process that allows you to "go live" on the internet.the process takes a couple steps; first make sure you can acess your maintainence page, then go to quck acess and put in the quick access ba the ftp code with the url of your maintanence page. Goinng on forword logging into your ftp access account, you would have to drag and drog all of the files from the original to the copy.Letiiing you to be able to acces the files from the browser.